Mean Sardine Beers


Black IPA – dark beer with a great punch of piney hops in the nose, a well-inserted bitterness, and a light chocolate finish.

Ginja Ninja

Imperial Stout with Ginjinha – dark and full-bodied beer with chocolate feeling integrated with cherries notes that come from Ginjinha (traditional Portuguese liquor made of sour cherries).


Dessert Stout with Figs and Port Wine – dark and full-bodied beer that resembles the traditional Portuguese dessert made of figs and Port Wine.


Imperial Stout with Cocoa, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Chilli – dark and full-bodied beer well balanced with the spices. You can feel all of the ingredients but none of them are prominent.


West Coast IPA – very bitter beer with a resinous hops impact, bringing notes of pine and yellow fruits in the aroma.


Belgian Dubbel – amber colored beer with medium body, fruity character from the Belgian yeast with toasted and sweetness notes from the malts.

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